Salt Lake’s Longest Standing Coffee Co.

For over 40 years we have served up some of the best quality coffee in the Intermountain West. We have also seen a lot of changes in the coffee industry over those 40 years. We saw trends in the 70’s where coffee was all about that course grind and high throw weight. Then as technology evolved we saw people move towards a finer grind and a lower throw weight for their favorite coffee. We have seen coffee companies come and go, and we have seen coffee companies help in the evolution of Salt Lake and its culinary experiences.

Salt Lake City is probably not the first place that comes to mind when people think about coffee, but we think that thought process is changing. Our roots started in Seattle, WA in the 1960’s, where Leo Douglas started to become involved in the burgeoning coffee industry. Seattle and the Northwest have become synonymous with the word coffee over the past 40 years. Since his exit from the Northwest in the early ‘70s, his desire was to bring quality coffee to the Salt Lake area. Subsequently, Douglas has been doing its best to make Salt Lake one of the words synonymous with coffee.

With a wide range of coffee and coffee products, we pride ourselves in delivering (very quickly) some of the west’s best coffee. So give us a call today and ask for a sample of some of these gorgeous beans.

    As a local coffee roaster we definitely have our favorite coffees, but that doesn’t mean they will be yours. Coffee is a fickle beast, we get that. That’s why we would love to create your perfect coffee. We have the ability to roast very low quantities of green bean coffee, making no job too small. Helping you establish your own coffee blend is something we would be happy to take part in. And crap, we’ll even put your name on it, after all, you created it.
    Roasting coffee here locally is not something we have always done. As our boutique coffee roasting partners from the 1970’s and ‘80s began to disappear in the Northwest, we found ourselves ordering from larger and larger companies. Not loving the direction we were headed, and the limited ability we were given to create custom coffee. We said “sayonara” to the big bad coffee companies of the world, and decided to make our own. Now with our sexy air roaster, we blend, create and fiddle with coffee all day long. None of the coffee we deliver has sat on our shelves for more than a few days, and our turnaround time is crazy fast. So if a local company is what you are looking for, we have the tenure, the knowledge, the products and the service to make it an experience you won’t regret.