Brew premium cups of coffee for your clientele by bringing the coffee shop to them with our drip coffee and espresso machines. Douglas Distributing in Murray, UT will bring you the equipment needed to set up a coffee station right at your place of business. We pride ourselves in establishing long-lasting relationships with our business partners by providing quality products and excellent service.

Our coffee and espresso machines are perfect for commercial office use because it’s so convenient for your customers and employees alike to get a quick pick me up. We are able to deliver coffee commercially across the state. Create a refreshing environment and treat your customers to a quality beverage. We distribute coffee to businesses such as:

  • Office spaces
  • Auto shop waiting areas
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Partnered coffee shops
  • Gas station convenience stores
  • Retailers
  • Hospitals or clinics

We offer just the right variety of coffee products with the best value and simplicity to fit your taste. It’s our belief that our word is bond, so we keep our services honest and reliable for the benefit of our customers. These are some of the machine models we have available to suit your coffee needs:

  • Traditional Glass Pot Brewer uses a classic decanter to serve coffee and brews it over burners
  • Airport Brewer is a medium capacity system heats coffee for up to four hours and is easy to transport
  • Satellite Brewer has a Bunn dual brewing system specially made for high volume coffee needs
  • Thermal Server Brewer makes large quantities of coffee and easily transports it in a thermal container

In addition, we offer Flavia and Mars drink machines that give you even more variety. You can have gourmet drinks at your fingertips with this line of single-serve appliances which makes:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cocoa
  • Espresso

Our other styles of coffee and espresso machines are better suited for larger commercial use, such as cafes and restaurant environments. These have a few extra features and settings to make all kinds of delicious drinks.

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Douglas Distributing in Murray, UT is happy to deliver coffee machines and provide efficient service free of charge, because we know you’ll enjoy our coffee products so much. Contact us at 801-973-1171 to get started.