Coffee machines are a must-have for any office, no matter what industry. Coffee machines are a staple for every single break room. And in order to have happier employees, you need to have some killer coffee. If you’re ready to boost your workplace morale with delicious coffee from state-of-the-art commercial coffee machines, contact Douglas Distributing.

Douglas Distributing was founded in 1975, with a single mission to improve the coffee in offices throughout Utah. If your office is in need of delicious coffee and spices, look no further than Douglas Distributing. We’ve created happy relationships with our commercial clients, building a reputation as an excellent coffee distributing company. If your office in West Valley, UT is ready for a high-quality coffee machine, contact us today.

Our Coffee Machines

For over forty years, we’ve been providing office, restaurants and hotels with high-quality coffee machines. Let us provide for your office. Douglas Distributing uses only the best technology and coffee for all of our clients. Are you looking for ground coffee? Or maybe you’d like whole bean or espresso? No matter your preference, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even provide condiments such as syrup, creamer, cups and everything in between.

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Are you ready to supply your office with quality coffee? Let Douglas Distributing take care of it. Contact us today for a demonstration and a tasting.