People Water Kid PicOrganic and Fairtrade Coffees

We pride ourselves on dealing directly with the farmers that grow our coffees. We have a great selection of Organic, Fair Trade, Direct Trade, and Rainforest Alliance coffees. Understanding where our coffee comes from and how it was grown is just as important as the roasting and the grinding. We would be happy to help you understand more about this process and the environmental impact that coffee has on OUR world.

Eco Products

Offering eco-friendly products has always been a priority for Douglas Distributing. Now we are providing you with even more of an opportunity to give back with PEOPLE WATER, a water company with a mission to “alleviate the global water crisis.” With coffee and paper goods we stock a full line of environmentally friendly products to keep your footprint to a minimum, and help our world sustain the generations to come.

Roaster Grayscale (1)Green Practices at Douglas Coffee

Not only do we take our coffee purchasing processes under a close watch, but we also very carefully monitor our total environmental footprint. We have quite a few vehicles in our fleet that are CNG and alternative sourced powered. Every piece of plastic, aluminum paper and glass that we can’t reuse is 100% recycled. When choosing our coffee roaster, emissions played a large role in our decision. Our roaster is electric, producing no harmful toxins or emitting any pollution. Making us the cleanest roasting process in the state. Making sure our legacy is sustainable in every possible way is our mission.
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