Purified water is a must in todays world, but the impact can be major when we rely on plastic bottles to give us properly filtered water. We provide water coolers to companies across the Wasatch Front who want to have refreshing drinking water available for a low monthly fee. No contracts, hidden fees or set up charges, make our water program the easiest and safest choice. Whether you want a simple 2 stage filtration cooler, a 3 stage filtration cooler with a UV lamp, or a full blown Reverse Osmosis system we have you covered.

    Nugget ice in the office? Yes, it is possible. This ice machine is the hottest new thing in break room must-haves. It produces 5 lbs. of Chewblet chewable ice per hour, without the need for a drain.

    So if you love the ice at Sonic, why not bring it to the office. Soft, compacted and crunchy, these ice pellets absorb the flavor of beverages and cool them quickly. This ice is quite popular and will delight your employees. As a licensed distributor of Follett Ice machines we would love to show you what ice in the office can do for you.