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As the exclusive distributor for Vittoria Coffee, we can help you create the perfect cup. Your choice, your blend, your logo.

Douglas Distributing has been supplying the hot beverage needs of office workplaces, convenience stores and restaurants throughout the Intermountain West for over 30 years.

Beverage Distributor in Salt Lake City, UT

After more than 30 years in our own small business, we understand that labor is among the most expensive costs for any company. If your employees are constantly stepping out to the local coffee shop for their hot coffee or tea, the time they spend is unproductive and hurts the bottom line. At Douglas Distributing, we have a better solution, and it’s one that employees will love: Ditch the outdated, dirty coffee pot and roast your own delicious, high-quality coffee and offer hot water and tea on location. You’ll upgrade break time, help your staff socialize together to improve teamwork, and save money in the process.

Coffee is a wonderful, delightful beverage, but it’s easy to ruin if it’s roasted improperly, ground unevenly or left sitting for too long before brewing. With Douglas Distributing, we take care of those details so you can enjoy every fresh, flavorful cup without worry. Furthermore, we’ll provide all the hot tea you can drink, from a variety of labels, and we offer the best water cooling and filtration machines in the business. Consider water delivery a thing of the past!

We roast all our Vittoria coffees to order and offer them in both whole bean and pre-ground packaging to suit any kind of coffee brewing machine you choose. Alternatively, we deliver a selection of beans from national distributors such as Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Folgers and Douwe Egberts. For more than 40 years, we have been committed to providing the best possible coffee experience to our loyal business and restaurant customers in Utah.


You can choose from a variety of Douglas Distributing’s Vittoria-brand flavored coffees for your office, restaurant, and customer waiting area or medical center. Try popular flavored varieties such as vanilla, hazelnut, Irish crème or chocolate macadamia nut or classic city roasts, dark espresso beans and lightly roasted breakfast blends. We will happily deliver blends from big names such as Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Folgers, or you can choose one of the varieties we roast ourselves. Because these Vittoria beans are roasted exclusively for you, we have the ability to private-label our coffees.

Come into our Salt Lake City, Utah, headquarters for a free taste testing and choose the blend that’s right for your office coffee delivery service. Then, choose your coffee accessories such as disposable cups and sleeves, stir straws, sweetener packets, creamers and syrups. Before you leave, be sure to work with our coffee delivery specialists to get us your brand’s logo and design. Before you know it, we’ll be at your front door delivering bags of your favorite blend and all the supplies you need to please customers and employees alike.


If you don’t find your favorite coffee during your taste test, we will be thrilled to help you create your own coffee! Whether you just need a pound of great coffee for home or want to create an exclusive coffee for your business, we have all the tools you need to get it just right. We can roast from our selection of over 20 green coffees of single origin to craft your ultimate cup of coffee. The process only takes about 10 minutes and you’re on your way.


Perhaps you have a coffee drinker in the office who prides himself on the science of the perfect brew. To keep him from stepping out for Starbucks breaks, take advantage of a new opportunity we offer: a coffee roaster for your own office or shop. With this beautiful electric roaster, you’ll have the ability to create your own coffees, in amounts starting at 1 pounds and going up to 3 pounds. You will have absolute control over your products and your brand. Our coffee delivery and beverage distribution service extends beyond Salt Lake City. Contact us to make arrangements for your business.

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